So many people👥these days don’t really understand the application of the term ‘faith’. They don’t even want to apply it to their every day living, all because of the fact that, they don’t understand it. Over the years, faith has been a true weapon that mankind has ever had as a standby to other characteristics of the heart, which are trust and hope. Ever since the beginning, prominent men of God used faith in almost all of their lives. By faith, Abraham was blessed with a promise of children that would number the stars of the sky and the sands of the beach, by faith fire🔥came down from the Heaven and burnt the bulls prepared upon slaughter by the prophet Elijah, thus making him become known as the fiery prophet of the Lord, by faith did the Roman centurion’s home servant become healed, and by faith did the healed became healed🙂.

Faith is guessing your way with trustworthiness.

The reason why we have seemingly skipped faith in most of our daily living is that, we have been given too much comfort that we don’t come to face any tough time in our own self so as to trigger the tought of initiating the function of a single seed of faith in us.

It happens when you’re all alone and by yourself that you learn to be faithful and content.

It is lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges, I believe in myself. Muhammad Ali.

Faith has been a very good thing on the blessed lives that were given us from the almighty God. We need it in our lives if only we have no hope in any of the things that the physical world can ever grant us. The men of God in the early days had no technology, they don’t have cars for a perfect ride through the wilderness nor any plane for a smooth passenger fleet in those days. All they ever got was faith, which eventually brought them into prosperity before their God, the God who authorized their faith🙂. Speaking of a God who authorizes faith, I realized that, indeed God was the giver of their faith and in doing so, I believe He can also do the exact same for us.

This particular generation is in a disaster, a chaos, and fear that no medication can be executed in its place so as to lower its risks in the affection on our emotions. No comfort can ever be the warmth that we would need and no trust can ever be the confidence in a person or thing, we can ever give.

Thus, the gap that these things built in our lives can and will only be healed by faith, and faith in no other but in the Lord Jesus Christ..Apply Faith,Apply Healing.



Published by Israel TIUNGA

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