The ‘French’ I took…

I’m currently attending a local university in my country and as far as I’ve come, I have been thinking of having a friend, a woman friend or let’s say, a girl friend..πŸ™‚πŸ’

The problem with lots of girls these days is all to do with love in the romantic perspective. That is the plain reason as to why young couples these days sign for divorce and ended up completely losing contact with the other.

Love itself is not something about the observation of the outside body Cuz why, the outside part of us is always aging, and as time goes by, we tend to lose our beauty, grey hair grows, we became old and so forth..πŸ€”

I cannot just randomly pick out a girl from amongst these course mates of mine and say she go be my gf, or sort of:πŸ™‚ What I’d do at the moment is to simply sit back, relax and observe😁. But then, there’s also a problem with what I thought was the way to act, you just can’t sit there expecting someone to just pop up from no where and grab u by the hand and…there u go!..No, You got to work lil bit harder for that which u want.

So, to me all these things just wont work, right. I can’t do anything to help in terms of “relationships”. I….I can’t!πŸ™‚

Just a few days ago, I met someone through wordpress, a nice and beautiful girl, I called her friend, she said the same and I felt something about this girl that really hits me so much that I wrote this down…πŸ’

I currently don’t know if am crazy or not but if you Think I am, please comment below so I can do changes…πŸ™‚..

PS, this particular writing isn’t complete…

Published by Israel TIUNGA

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